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Post  kimerajamm on Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:09 pm

My wife's gonna kill me...
Steve and Larry are getting ready to leave work. Steve says to Larry, "Hey, let's go get a beer."

Larry begs off, "No, my wife will kill me. Last time I was out with you I got really drunk and stayed out all night."

Steve assures him, "One beer, okay maybe two, and I'll be sure and get you home before the street lights go off."

It's one in the morning. On the cab ride back, Larry's really drunk again and pukes all over his suit jacket and says, "Dude, my wife is gonna kill me!"

Steve thinks for a second. He pulls twenty out of his wallet, folds it neatly and slips it in Larry's jacket pocket. He says, "Now, tell your wife that Todd just heard his wife is leaving him and you just wanted to help him get through this tough time. You stayed too long and you're sorry. Todd got really drunk and hurled on you, but gave you that twenty bucks for the dry cleaning."

The cab rolls to a stop in front of Larry's house. He stumbles through the door and sees his wife is sitting in the living room, fuming.

Larry tells the story, and his wife starts to calm down. She tells him to go into the bathroom and get out of that nasty suit.

Larry's in the bathroom for a while and yells out to his wife, "Honey, I don't think twenty bucks is gonna be enough. Looks like Todd shit my pants, too."
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Post  gaunpro on Fri Nov 19, 2010 12:00 pm

Englisch Übersetzer mit Fachkompetenz

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